Yesterday, Edinburgh never saw a single cloud. I had the awesome opportunity to capture that said day, here is my first timelapse with the GoPro!…

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Review #003: “King Unique - Some Break The Shell EP”


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King Unique is back on my radar with another storming progressive headphone-rocker via MicroCastle.

Warning, a rant:
It’s actually been sometime since I’ve actually thoroughly liked a real progressive track or two. Sadly, it’s because the the scene is changing somewhat. It’s a change that I initially thought I’d welcome. (And before you jump to conclusions, I’m talking about the music that used to be called progressive house, not pre-pubescent, womp-soaked big-room Miami fodder.)
I am of course talking about the move by music producers from progressive house to deep house. A lot of artists have done it. Oliver Smith, now Meramek. Solarity, now Dusky. Mindset, now Tom Ferry. And yes, unfortunately, I’ve not taken to same water as these guys as much as I had with their alter egos.
Perhaps one of the reasons is because deep house has become even more popular than we collectively had originally though it would be, with artists like Duke Dumont and Clear Bandits have blasted away chart fodder wankers like Drake and Chris ‘Cunt’ Brown. Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable, but deep house is a fine sliver of the electronic music spectrum that is fertile ground for producers to experiment in.
It would not be fair of me to assume that most prog. house producers are moving into deep house because there is money and/or fans to be made, but it is a fad and there is one thing I know for definite…

Progressive house is much more rewarding to listen to; there are so much more elements, layers and stems to a prog. track than deep house, and producers seem focus more on melody and song-writing than that of the low-end attention seeking deep house. But weirdly, I’d go as far to so say that, that’s just about the only differences. The rest is just blurred between genres and production techniques, and (I risk saying this, however) it seems like deep house producers are just lazy/sub-standard prog. house makers.
Now is one of the only times I hope that, in the future, I will eat my own words. Rant over, now for a slick segway…

That being said, you could imagine my surprise that when I sunk into the seemingly never ending list of re-shared tracks on my SoundCloud stream last week, and King Unique’s “Some Break The Shell” EP shone out at me like a golden nugget is a stream of dirty bass-heavy arse-water…

Matt Thomas aka, King Unique is a down-right clinical tech/prog. house producer, this is reflected in his earlier works with “2000000 Suns" on Bedrock Records and pre-2006, King Unique also included Matthew Roberts, together they worked on suck tracks as "Sugarhigh" on Junior London and their epic remix of "Underworld - Two Months Off" in 2002.

The EP “Some Break The Shell" starts us off with the vocal version of "Raydrop (7 Hours)”, a finely executed slice of prog-tech features the beautiful voice of Natalie Arnold. Equal measurements of gnarly low-end grooves and squelching yet tasteful leads, equipped with a perfectly tech drum-track makes this EP fore-runner perfect as a Saturday night warm-up and Sunday afternoon Hi-Fi rocker. It’s dub/instrumental or just simply “Raydrop" is just as sublime.

Flip-side “Some Break" is an atmospherically spooky and epic club track with a slight tickle of breaks on the percussions side of things. If the ghosts from the Pac Man game go clubbing, this is what they would dance to. Lastly, "Without Boxes”. An unashamedly emotional storyteller and worthy of any dystopian cinematic adventure, sounds like a quartet of robotic hums. An odd, yet fitting finale, indeed.

Returning back to my rant, “Some Break The Shell" is crammed with soul and focuses more on the composition than that of trying to impress you with hooks, and even after your first listen it’s clear that King Unique would take more care in his productions than he would if he was defusing an atomic bomb.
If you like it, that alone is enough reason for you buy it.

I love music that makes me think “That’s incredible, how the f*** was that made?!”, this is such an EP.

Where, When & How:
"King Unique - Some Break The Shell" EP is out now on Canada’s foremost prog. label, microCastle, and is available via Beatport. The whole EP is also available to preview via SoundCloud.
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King Unique
Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | BeatPort

Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Beatport

Hills n’ Stuff.

Hills n’ Stuff.

Taperecorder & Lewis Bergen - Jetyr EP // OUT NOW!

★★★★★★ - “…definitely worth checking out.” - DJmag

Brand new 4-track EP, a finely blended mix of audio sketches from the collaboration of North American electronic music producer Taperecorder and British progressive electro house cross-over Lewis Bergen.

Out now, buy the EP from these stores, or stream for free via YouTube.

Google Play | iTunes | Amazon | JunoDownload

Jetyr EP, Free download?!

Yes! The lovely buggers Drunkwife took their chance to remix my track “Hoi Polloi” from the critically aclaimed Jetyr EP (pre-order here!).

But here’s the awesome part, it’s a free download! Just click the link in the description!

Cheers, Drunkwife! :D

St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. Bruce Munro’s “Field Of Light” art exhibition.

Would have been 100% breaktaking without the fiber-glass wires used to connect each of the lights, but without a doubt, jaw-dropping stuff!

The stickers from Digiprint are here! Someone’s getting this first promo, just sent it this morning.

The stickers from Digiprint are here! Someone’s getting this first promo, just sent it this morning.

Winner of the best corporate social media users are probibly Innocent Smoothies. But Diginate tweeting when my order has been fabricated? Awesome!

Winner of the best corporate social media users are probibly Innocent Smoothies. But Diginate tweeting when my order has been fabricated? Awesome!

Lewis’ Christmas message.

Dear Great Britain.
At this time of year, “X Factor” use a mass-media and over-hyped talent contest to showcase artists who are too lazy to form their own career and succeed on their own merit.
Without fail, they always release some recycled songwriting from the yesteryear, to the same blueprint that appeals to a Saturday night TV audience.

In the past few years, we (the buying public) have said “NO” to the “xfactor“‘s selfish monopoly of the UK charts, and managed to get Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” to the top, number 1.

Unsurprisingly, Social media has been at the heart many a fan of other artists’, and as such, spored countless number of online campaigns for the promotion of their music. And sadly as a result, this has distracted the fan’s view of what’s really important, Knocking, “xfactor” away from the spotlight.

Now, I’m not saying “don’t buy factor’s single”, if you like the music that they release the christmas, the buy it. But know this, if you buy the factor release, you’ve just given money to a company who are supporting (metaphorically speaking) the music industry’s version of The Hunger Games.

[1] Buy the music you like, not what TV tells you to buy.
[2] Support your favourite artists, by buying their music.
[3] If you are an artist and thinking of applying for the xfactor, don’t. You will have a much more successful and fruitful career if you work hard for it.

If you would like to buy music other than Xfactor’s stuff, I suggest these artists. They are awesome, but that’s just my opinion (you don’t have to buy it);
Harrison - Facebook | iTunes
Duncan Overmeer - Facebook | iTunes
Outbox - Facebook | iTunes
Craig Alan Hughes - Facebook | iTunes

Merry Christmas and stuff.

Lewis Bergen.


*Images edited by Me (Lewis Bergen), with thanks to Lost & Taken for textures.